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What is migrationt about ? The key connection to our project ! 

The COE project is intended to work the theme of migration at an European level and beyond that, in the essence , students work and investigate in order to discover that this phenomenon is not new and has not always been associated with war occasions . 

European Migratory Flow 

Europe has always been the stage of greater or lesser flow of pedestrian traffic for several reasons . 

Developed  work 

The work being developed represents the essence of the project, this project seeks to justify the movement of individuals and that societie should trigger the necessary mechanisms of inclusion or mere reception of those who are, returned refugees and migrants  

Cultural influence 

This people, as they enter and exit each country , coming from various backgrounds , brought and left legacies that are still visible in our food , fashion , habits and even arts such as music and painting or even architecture .  


If you want to know all about our country, Portugal, this is the place! Enjoy your timetravel!

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